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We believe so much in the development of not only today’s leaders, but tomorrow’s, that we use proceeds from WILB to fund the offering of B2L at a substantially reduced rate – where we bring together our best and brightest future leaders, as well as youth that need a break to light a fire with top women leaders and organizations. The spinoff is huge – our youth are like sponges – absorbing connections, wisdom and skills from the leaders around them, and inspiring the women leaders to keep learning as well. We pair the 2 audiences together in an inspiring session called Perspectives (a highlight of the conference from both sides).

So at B2L, youth ages 16-24 gather to learn, grow, connect, find their voice, help define their leader influence, and share that learning with others. They leave changed. This is  our differentiator. There is NO other conference anywhere that brings together emerging leaders with senior leaders and offers tailored programming to both streams so that both leave stronger leaders.

Workshop sessions have the B2L leaders explore networking, their social brand, and a leadership assessment to discover their unique leader strengths and how to leverage these. These experiences will greatly influence their career path, their life choices, and their leader influence.

We are opening 200 spots for our B2L leaders at the Atlantic WILB Conference. Delegates will come from local high schools, colleges and universities. If you know of a school group, program, class or instructor that needs to become involved, please let us know, or share this website with them. We are always on the lookout for champions!


So why the buzz?

“I never knew how much one day could impact me. I have a much stronger sense of where I want to take my career, and feel that my voice and my confidence are both stronger”

-Julie, Post-Secondary Student