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Welcome Message

Welcome Message from Tammy Sweeney, WILB Conference CEO

Tammy Sweeney, WILB Conference CEOFor 7 years, we’ve been gathering for action-packed learning, content-rich workshops, in inspiring surroundings with great leaders at our conferences.

 Some of you continue to come back year after year. We are honoured that with all of the opportunities for development and all of the conferences out there, you choose to spend this precious time with us. We are truly thankful for your loyalty, and we know that you keep coming back because we offer something different, something valuable, and something that helps you grow your business and advance your career.

 If you have never been to our conference, we offer you a warm welcome to our community, and are confident that when you do, you will find this an experience to remember, and meet people that will inspire you to a new chapter in your life.

 I have been helping leaders, teams and organizations to get better results for over 20 years…and this conference allows me to gather the best of the best in one place for 2 amazing days of learning, leading, and connecting. This is a dream come true for me to be able to assemble world class speakers, practitioners and experts that are so willing to share their expertise and experience with you. We learn from each other, and we have so many loyal members in our community that are willing to share; we encourage you to join in the fun.

 Being a leader is hard work. And like many leaders, you wonder if you are doing all of this right. At the conference, we celebrate the fact that we are doing so many things right. We also humbly admit that we could do some things better or differently, and so we create opportunities for you to do just that before, during and following the conference.

 Regardless of our role, how many or how few years we have been working, whether we work for a large or small organization or are self-employed, we are ALL leaders in some way. We are all looking for ways to lead smarter, to lead better, to get better results with less stress, and to learn from the successes of others. So let’s go there together. Come join us.