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Who Should Attend

See and Be Seen at the 2017 WIL-B Conference

 “There are several paths that lead to where you want to go. Choose your path consciously, keep moving, and meet amazing people on the way. You own your career development, own it with purpose.” ~Tammy Sweeney, CEO, Women In Business and Leadership Conference

Leaders. Managers. Business Owners. Entrepreneurs.

If you are a Leader, Manager, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur you know how important it is to invest time in focusing on yourself, your business and your career. If you’ve struggled to find the right format that maximizes your time, energy and resources, the 2017 Women in Leadership and Business Conference is for you!

Maximize your time

Spend less time looking for quality, relevant topics that speak to your development and advancement needs and more time focusing on getting ahead.

Spending so much time working in careers and businesses, you are often so busy running the business that you let your own professional development suffer.

You know you should invest time in focusing on yourself, your business and career but can’t find the right format that maximizes your time, energy and resources. The 2017 Women in Leadership and Business Conference (2017 WIL-B) lets you maximize your time, money and energy.

Workshop Format

While we love inspiring keynote speakers, the focus of WIL-B keynotes and sessions are presented in workshop format, and are designed to focus on the real-life, real-time information, actions, ideas, products and resources responsibilities. We’ll focus on taking away ideas, practical techniques and new approaches – tools designed to extend into your career and business.

Topics and Sessions

Dynamic Presenters:
Our keynote speakers and presenters include some of the most recognizable women in business today, along with acknowledged business experts, popular business writers and sought after speakers.

Real Learning:
Experience a focused learning experience over two days with no extra travel, no evenings, no homework and a variety of learning opportunities.  Engaging presentation formats include keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops in a relaxed yet professional learning environment. Time is devoted to exploring topics with time for discussion, questions and collaboration and to balancing public forums with private meeting areas for deeper discussion, team planning and connections.

Grow your business and your brand and get noticed by connecting and schmoozing with Canada’s top companies, brands and other women in leadership and business.